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I dig Jason Statham. I’ve seen most of his movies and consider him to be one of the foremost action actors working today. But Statham has a speech impediment. Or maybe it’s an acting impediment. No matter who he plays he makes no attempt to alter his accent. In Boaz Yakin’s Safe, one of his best movies, he plays an American cop with a Brit accent. The less said about the execrable Parker, based on Richard Stark’s novel, the better. Except he plays this thoroughly American character with a Brit accent. In Sylvester Stallone’s adaptation of Chuck Logan’s Home Front, he plays an American agent with a Brit accent.

Now I see the trailers for his new movie Spy in which he plays an American agent. With a British accent.

We watched Nashville for two seasons before learning that Sam Palladio, who plays Gunnar, and Clare Bowen who plays Scarlett are both English. You would swear they’re from Tennessee. I watched The Americans for three seasons before learning that Matthew Rhys, who plays a Russian agent with a perfect American accent is English. If you did not know who Daniel Day-Lewis was you’d swear that was Lincoln himself up on the screen.

Not Jason Statham. Like John Wayne, he only plays himself. But with less range.

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  1. I saw SPY as a sneak peek at the Louisiana International Film Festival. Statham is hilarious, and is a terrific foil to the self deprecating comedy of Melissa McCarthy, who shines brilliantly in this satire of secret agent films. It also holds its own as action adventure and has tons of real laughs. Lot of background humor too. The audience loved it.

    Statham is regarded as a better comic actor than action guy by a good film director friend of mine in New Orleans, just talked about this at lunch!

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