Burroughs, by Mike Baron


Saw the Burroughs last night in Old Town Square. Probably have seen them more than any other band. The Burroughs are an eleven piece soul band from Greeley with a four man horn section. They blew everybody out of the water. Lead singer Johnny Burroughs’ transition to Cab Calloway by way of Kid Creole is now complete. He wears the hat. He’s got the moves. He’s a pale ginger James Brown with an enormous voice. The latest lineup featured a few surprises, notably drummer Mary Claxton adding her hair-raising voice like the devil at the crossroads, and the new keyboard player, another enormous voice.

Hayden Farr’s baritone cuts like a foghorn. Briana Harris’ alto dances like Sonny Criss.

In addition to Burroughs’ standards such as “Solid Gold” and “Get Down On It,” they sang a hair-raising version of “Jolene,” and “With A Little Help From My Friends.”

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