Logistics by Mike Baron


We’re baby sitting two dogs, a rottweiler and a husky. We have two dogs, Bob and Mack. Bob is accident prone. Twice, he’s hurled himself on to a metal flange and ripped himself open. The last time was on a Sunday and the only place open was the Fort Collins Veterinary Emergency and Rehabilitation Hospital. They stitched him up. Five hundred and eighty-three dollars. I told Bob that if he was going to injure himself, please do it on a weekday. Bob was limping so I took him in. Torn ACL. They gave me two meds that have to be administered twice daily.

Jess, the rottweiler, has five meds that must be administered daily. The dogs eat when I get up, around six. Four dogs, four bowls. All the dogs are interested in the other dogs’ bowls. I prepare the bowls, carefully secrete her pills in moist dog food. Bob gets two meds. I carefully secrete his pills in moist dog food. I call each dog by name and lay down the bowls in this order: Bob, Mack, Jess, and Olivia. Then I stand guard to see nobody eats anybody else’s meal. After they’re done, I pick up the pills they refused to eat, drill a hold in string cheese, and hand them out.

This is how we roll.

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