Last week was ComicFest at the Denver Tech Center. Comic Fest is a pimple on the ass of StarFest, celebrating its fortieth anniversary. StarFest is science fiction, and incorporates HorrorFest. “This year we are pleased to welcome David Guintoli (Detective Nick Burkhardt of “Grimm”), Bitsie Tulloch (Juliette and Eve of “Grimm”), Christian Kane (Jake Stone of “The Librarians”), Walter Koenig (Star Trek’s original “CHEKOV”), Rene Auberjonois (Deep Space Nine’s “ODO”), Hale Appleman (The Magicians “Eliot Waugh”), Mike Quinn (Star Wars “Nien Numb”), Jodelle Ferland (Dark Matter “Five”) along with many other Actors, Directors, Producers, Artists, Authors and you!” I am not familiar with The Librarians, Nien Numb, Dark Matter Five, but I have heard of Grimm. Many years ago, I had lunch with Mr. Koenig, Nichelle Nichols, and James Doohan.

While Starfest luxuriates in the expansive environs of the Marriott, ComicFest huddles in the smaller exhibition hall at the Hilton Garden Suites across the street. Rio Herrera, its tireless promoter, is perhaps the biggest comic enthusiast in Colorado, a man of probity and wit. I was seated next to old friend Pat Broderick, who has done a cover for Badger. Nate Hamel and I are working on a new project based on his shark drawings.

I huddled with Barry McClain, my partner on Q-Ball. I have always wanted to do a straight martial-arts thriller, a serious, credible story. Even as a neophyte, I knew that Paul Gulacy’s Master of Kung Fu, which galvanized the industry and won my undying allegiance, did not depict martial arts accurately. Comics are a visual medium, and kung fu makes for exciting story-telling. But the audience knows the difference between a pretty pose and real technique presented in a dynamic manner.

There are very few good kung fu comics. Way of the Rat, by Dixon and Johnson, is one of them.

Hence Q-Ball, with inker Barbara Kaalberg and colorist Charlie Hogg.

My publisher and world-famous science fiction author Kevin J. Anderson held court behind the usual impressive Wordfire Press fort. His Dan Shamble, Zombie Detective novels personify droll.

We joked and juked and now I’m back.

2 thoughts on “ComicFest

  1. The manga Holyland went out of the way to show realistic martial arts as oppose to Dragon Ball Z style shooting energy out of your hands. Unfortunately, it has been license in the US, but you can find semi-legal fan translations online.

    I really wish those Master of Kung Fu collections weren’t out of my price range.

  2. when the comic book loving cats I know ask, what Kung Fu comics are worth tracking down, my reply is always the same: MOKF and Badger.

    Looking forward to adding Q-Ball to that small but honourable list, Mr Baron.

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