Monthly Archives: May 2021

Dog Town


Fort Collins is a dog town. It has great, fenced-in dog parks. People take their dogs everywhere, especially to open-air music venues, like Odells or Maxline Brewing. We were at Maxline yesterday to see Drifting West, sharing the patio with several dogs, many of whom arrived in bike trailers. The folks wheel in trailing a toddler carriage in which sits a grinning kyoodle. We always have three dogs, young, middle, and old, so that when the old one dies, we have two more to tide us over until we get a new one.

Bohemian Nights, a three day music festival that was shut down by the virus two years ago, had almost as many dogs as people. I wouldn’t subject my dogs to one hundred and twenty decibel rock performances, but perhaps the dogs enjoy it.

Right now, Freddy is the new dog, a tan mutt fro the Four Corners region. Freddy is a great dog. Then comes Bob, who looks like the ancient Egyptian god Anubis, whom we got from another animal rescue outfit. At the top of the totem pole sits Mack, a once ferocious Boston Terrier/pug mix we got from a veterinarian friend. Mack has mellowed. She loves to lick. Every day we go to the dog park. In a few minutes, the dogs will gather around, wagging their tail, pawing me, and barking, demanding to go to the dog park.

My sister Jill has always had two Labradors, always gets them from the animal shelter, and takes them everywhere. Since Sis works in Rocky Mountain National Park, those dogs have seen more of the great outdoors than most people. A couple years ago, when her set of Labs was getting old, they took them on a road trip to several national parks including Yellowstone and Crater.

Thirty years ago, I had a big black mutt named Lucy. Lucy grabbed big air when I tossed the Frisbee. I thought about entering Lucy in competition, but that requires a small dog you can catch on the fly, not a seventy-pounder. I wrote a novel about disc dogs. It’s called Disco. It’s out of print, but a handful of copies remain (

When we moved to Fort Collins, I would put on a pair of sunglasses, carry a cane, and got Lucy a harness so I could take her into restaurants. That didn’t last long. I tried to order her a beer and the bartender demanded to see ID.