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Best Crocodile Movie


Monstrous animal movies have been a staple since King Kong. Monstrous animal movies come in many flavors, from atomic mutants (Them, The Deadly Mantis,) to natural but terrifying creatures (Night of the Grizzly.) Jaws put a Saturn booster beneath the terrifying animal genre, begetting dozens of shark movies, many of which are drivel, such as the Jaws sequels, but also including small pleasures such as The Shallows or Deep Blue Sea. Who can forget Samuel L. Jackson’s rousing speech, followed immediately by his demise?

Every deadly animal has its masterpiece. For snakes, it’s Anaconda. Don’t believe the reviews. See it for yourselves. It’s a movie you can watch over and over again. For bears, it’s The Edge, which is not purely a dangerous animal movie, but contains the best human versus grizzly battles. Piranha speaks for itself. If it’s wolves you crave, watch The Grey.

For saurians, Rogue stands above all others. This small masterpiece is mesmerizing from the first frame and compares favorably with Alien. Set in Australia’s Northwest territories, it concerns a monstrous salt water crocodile which traps a group of tourists on a sand bar as the tide rises. Starring Michael Vartan as an American journalist, and Rahda Mitchell as a tour boat operator, Rogue grabs you by the throat and never lets go. The character actor who puts a fly in Vartan’s coffee when he arrives at his remote destination brilliantly personifies the unctuous but treacherous toady.

You don’t see the whole croc until the harrowing ending. I don’t know if this is CGI or what, but it’s brilliantly done, and the croc is the size of a moving van. If you love Jaws and want to see a movie of its caliber, watch Rogue.